Welcome to the website of the Single Fathers Association of Trinidad and Tobago.  The primary purpose of this advocacy group is to raise national awareness in an attempt to put an end to the injustice meted out to children who have been forcibly estranged from their fathers. We, all of us, need to work together to put an end to this enforced separation of children from their fathers: children who want to, and deserve to, be part of their father’s lives; and for fathers who crave for the right and responsibility to rear their children.

The ideal situation for the rearing of any child is in the loving environment of both mentally healthy parents. However, the reality is that relationships, both married and commonlaw, breakup leaving the child in a vacuum. This vacuum is made worse through custody battles that, in many cases, unjustly isolates the child from one parent. In most cases that parent is the father. Whatever the reason for the breakup – a lack of God, selfishness of one or both parties, a lack of commitment – this is not the issue (these reasons will be discussed briefly elsewhere on this site).

The fact is the parents are no longer together and, in the words of our founder Rhondall Feeles: “We believe that if the court systems were more on a level playing field and women stood just as great a chance as men of losing custody of their kids both parties would put aside their past personal issues and focus on the child’s happiness…The court has now become a house of revenge for relationships gone sour. The time for this to end is now and fathers and mothers need to begin cooperating for the sakes of our children.”